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Oregon Mensa Presents Regional Gathering ideas

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This site is about sharing ideas for running Regonal Gatherings, Colloquia, and Mind Games.

Gathering Event Templates:
    Hospitality:   Research, Shopping, Presentation Schedule, Crew Schedules, Crew Notices,
    Signs: 5 minute Warning, Program Templates: Posters, Booklet
    Speakers: Shepherding: Invitations, Confirmations, Introductions.
    Book Auction: Promo Posters, Misc Signs, Bidding Bookmarks.
    Other Resources: Mixer,
Gathering Signs
    A brief tutorial on signs for your gatherings
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    American Mensa's National E-List for people who work on Regional Gatherings, and National Gatherings. The list is not very active, but we keep it alive, because sometimes an idea is years ahead of it's time and there's a chance it will catch on later.

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Lewis & Clark Expo Ag Bldg 1

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Lewis & Clark Expo Balloon

Lewis & Clark Expo California