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     Mystery Movie Schedule
Friday, April 21

7:00 PM   Registration begins in the Garden Foyer.
3:00 PM - ? Hospitality
Where do you go to greet your old friends, make some new ones, eat something yummy and have a drink? Why room 129 of course, no mystery there.
3:00 PM - ? Games 
 Let the fun begin!Room C is open for you to enjoy. Play your favorites or learn something new.
3:00 PM Mystery Movie Marathon
5:45am Wow! All movies all the time in room 134. See separate Mystery Movie Schedule and posting on door.
6:00 PM Match Your Wits
9:00 PM Come to the Garden Foyer and try to win prizes!We have a bunch of contests going on. The mystery is, how will you do?
10:00 PM Riddle-Off/Joke-Off
11:00 PM Scott Kaufman is back by popular acclaim. The former stand-up comic will keep us laughing as we provide the entertainment.
Midnight Hot Tub Party
  Be sure to bring your swimsuit so you can soak with friends.

Saturday, Morning April 22
8:00 AM
6:15 PM

Room 129 is open for you. Great food, great drink, great fun.

9:00 AM - ? Games
  Our game room will continue in Room C until 5:00 PM.
  Then it moves to the Garden Foyer. The fun will last as long as you do!
10:00 AM   Elizabeth Bothwell April Henry
- 11:00 AM   "Secrets of Hand Analysis" "The Mysteries of Getting Published"
  What do fingerprints tell us about our spiritual journey on earth? Let a Certified Hand Analyst help you look at your unique identity. Let an award winning mystery author tell you how she became a published author for Harper Collins. Author of "Circles of Confusion" and "Square in the face" with Portland's Claire Montrose as the sleuth.
11:15 AM   FBI Agent George Heuston
12:15p   "High Tech and Internet Crime"
  As a member of the White Collar Squad, Agent Heuston will discuss computer related investigations. He, and Zot O'Connor, a "White Hat Hacker" from Georgia Tech will help us take a look at the internet from a different perspective. Prepare to have fun, and examine what you do everyday in a different light.

Saturday, Afternoon April 22
12:30 PM   Bob McGown Badeish Lange
1:30 PM "Probing the Universe"
We'll question our place in the scheme of things with the help of a member of the Rose City Astronomers. We'll examine developments in astrophysics and cosmology
"The Mystery of Color's Influence on the Mind"
A Color Psychic, Clairvoyant, Healer and Teacher will help us experience an examination of color. It is an advanced educational system of language codes and the forces surrounding color.
1:45 PM   BJ Seymour Jim Warton
2:45 PM   "The Mystery of Gender Identity" "Marine Myths, Mysteries of the Deep"
  Let a Gender Identity Counselor and her guest, Dr. Sara Becker (who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery) help us explore the many facets of our sexual identity. As we've explored the universe, we also need to look at the seas that surround us. Let an Education Specialist from the Oregon Coast Aquarium de-mystify the deep.
3:00 PM   Sylvia Gray (Kaplan) Dr. Richard Miller
4:00 PM   "Who Killed Claudius?"e; "Herbs as Aphrodisiacs"
  We'll get all the clues we need to solve this historical mystery from a History Instructor at Portland Community College. No homework required, all background will be presented. With a background in theoretical physics as well as biology, the owner of "Northwest Botanicals" is an Agricultural Scientist with a special interest in the growing and marketing of herbs and spices.
4:15 PM   Dr. Karen Gunson
5:15 PM "Current Issues in Forensic Pathology"
  How did they die? Murder? Suicide? Accident?
As Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Oregon Dr. Gunson as been part of may investigations. The newspaper story may start out saying "The bodies of an unidentified man and woman in their 20's or 30's were discovered Thursday…. " . and a paragraph or two below you'll see "An autopsy Friday by Dr. Karen Gunson, state medical examiner,revealed that the man and woman died from gunshot wounds. " (Oregonian of October 9, 1999). As Dr. Gunson walks us through an autopsy, we'll learn about identifying the time of death, what she looks for at the scene of the crime, and how she works with the police.

Saturday, Evening April 22
7:15 PM Join us in the GARDEN FOYER for a Cocktail Hour with a no-host bar and featured magicians.
8:15 PM Tickets must have been purchased in advance. Rooms A and B.
8:15 PM Magical Entertainment and Comedy featuring Weiss & Patricia
9:00 PM Seasoned entertainers will dazzle us with their magical illusions and first class showmanship.
9:00 PM - ? Hospitality
  Room 129 reopens.
10:00 PM Charades
11:00 PM Come and play in rooms A and B. Mimi Wetteland hosts this perennial favorite.
Midnight Hot Tub Party
  Be sure to bring your swimsuit so you can soak with friends.

Sunday, April 23
8:00 AM Hospitality
11:00 AM Room 129 is open.
9:00 AM Coffee with the RVC
10:00 AM Join John Cumming in room 129 and ask your questions, or voice your opinion about Mensa.
10:00 AM Sunday Brunch
11:00 AM Held in rooms A, B, and C. Tickets must have been purchased in advance.
11:15 AM Closing Remarks
  We will award prizes, say our thank yous and have a few final laughs