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    Welcome. You should start receiving The Mensa Bulletin - American Mensa's national journal, published 10 times a year, and The OMEN - Oregon Mensa's monthly newsletter; within about 5 weeks of joining.

    You will want to sign up for or.a our e-mail announcements list. It will bring you weekly calendar reminders as well as updates on events someone thought up after the newsletter deadline. This includes things that come up at the last minute.

    We have other e-lists, to encourage convertsation between members. Read about them here.

    If you have opted for email delivery of our local newsletter "The Omen" you can check the calendar of events online here. More info below.

Visiting Members Prospective Members Mensa Admission Tests:
    Tests are given all over Oregon and Southwest Washington several times a year. Information and schedules are available from our Testing Coordinator.

Our Digital Photo Galleries
    These cover not just Oregon events but also the American Mensa Annual Gathering (AG) and other regional gatherings nearby.

Oregon Mensa Phone 1-866-239-7548 (toll free)
To Read Oregon Mensa's Local Newsletter, The Omen, Online:
Follow this link to the American Mensa website:
    Login - with your AML member number and password.
    Select - from the drop menu: Omen
    Click - Display
    Select - the months and year you want to view.

The Fine Print: Mensa does not hold or express opinions, including political or religious views. Mensa accepts no responsibility for expressions of opinion by its members or guests.

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