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The High IQ Society

Mensa: the High IQ Society, is an international club for really bright people.

Our sole requirement for membership, is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test.

As an organization, Mensa holds no opinions and champions no causes. Our members have a great many opinions, interests, and causes, which we help them pursue via Special Interest Groups or: SIGS.

Our mission is to create communities of bright people, from all different interests and professions... and watch what happens.

Bright people are usually passionate about ideas. You can be confident that, lively and interesting discussions just naturally take place, wherever and whenever we gather together.

Oregon Mensa is an affiliate of American Mensa Limited, which is in turn, affiliated with Mensa International.

American Mensa has active chapters in all major US population centers. Mensa International has affiliated groups in all major cities throughout the world. As a Mensa member, you are welcome at any Mensa event, anywhere on the planet.

Publications: Members of American Mensa receive Local, National and International newsletters. The Mensa Education & Research Foundation's MERF Journal is available to non-members.

Events Perhaps the most important part of Mensa is our activities. Each local group conducts multiple social and intellectual events every week. The national organization sponsors events all around the country throughout the year, and each of our international affiliates has weekly and annual events. As a member you are welcome to any Mensa event anywhere in the world.

MERF: - The Mensa Education & Research Foundation, publishes a scholarly journal about the nature of human intelligence. MERF also has an annual Scholarship Essay competition, which makes awards to worthy college students. Oregon Mensa is an active participant in the MERF competitions.

Oregon Mensa Online In addition to this website, Oregon Mensa maintains two online communites based around mailing lists. One list is for the announcement of events, the other is lively discussion.

IQ Testing. To qualify for membership in Mensa, you may present a copy of your test scores from any test on our list of accepted tests.

If you do not have access to that record, you can be tested by a licensed Psychologist, or sit for one of the tests that Mensa offers from time to time in all major cities.

American Mensa sponsors a National Testing day and local chapters like Oregon conduct additional testing events throughout the year. If you want to be notified the next time a test is offered in Oregon, send an email to our Testing Coordinator.

Outside of Oregon, you may look up Mensa in the white pages of most major metropolitan phone directories.

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