Oregon Mensa Events

Weekly, Monthy and Annual

Weekly Events:</h3> T.G.I.F. Thank Goodness It's Friday
After 34 years, TGIF is currently on hiatus, we need a new coordinator.

Slacker SIG Thursdays 10am at Holman's Restaurant on SE 28th, 30 feet south of Burnside.

NTN Trivia Tuesdays 5 PM

Monthly Events

First Saturday House Party at the home of a member. BYO beverage and finger food to share. Our most popular monthly event in the Portland area. First Saturday parties elsewhere in the state are irregular. Normal turnout: 25-60

First Thurs PDX Art Explore Portland Art Galleries. - currently on hiatus, needs coordinator.

Omen Deadline The 8th of each month is our deadline for submissions to the newsletter.

New Members Events: Sometimes First Saturday before the main Party, sometimes Third Saturday evening. Sometimes scheduled ad-hoc. A chance for people who are new, or who have not attended Mensa events to gently get acquainted with our culture and our members. Hosted in the home of a member.

Games RPG, Board and other games at the home of a member.

Corvallis First Thurs Dinner: Group meal at a restaurant in the Albany/Corvallis area.

Third Tuesday Lunch: Group meal at a restaurant in the Albany/Corvallis area.

Rogue Valley Social Discussion : - Second Fridays. Hosted in the home of a member.

RoseburgSecond Tuesday: Group dinner at a restaurant in the Greater Roseburg area

Fourth Tuesday: Group lunch at a restaurant in the Greater Roseburg area

Annual Events

Regional Gathering (RG)
RGs are weekend "campout" parties that take place in a hotel or resort and last all weekend. Several RG's take place almost every weekend, in different cities all over America. Most local Mensa groups host an RG every year or two. Mensans from all over the world come to party.

Imagine if you dare, a hotel, 100-300 Mensans from all over the world, and lots of things to talk about.

There is always a hospitality suite full of food and beverages and interesting people. Elsewhere at the RG are games, puzzles, movies, and somewhere between 6-20 presentations by interesting and learned persons. There is usually a pool, a Hot Tub, and no curfew!

If you have never attended an RG you are simply not getting full value from your Mensa Membership. All RG's have one-day admission rates, if you only have time to stick your toe in and/or sample the event. But for the full experience you'll want the full weekend package.

At an RG you can just pay your money and show up and have fun. However for the best RG experience you will want to volunteer. RG's are about participation, and there is no better way to get to know your fellow Mensans. You can contribute in small or large ways by helping to plan or execute a part of the event.

If the RG occurs close enough to your house to commute, you can save on the hotel expense - you won't have to rent or share a room. Still, there are those who argue that the experience is always better if you do.

Oregon's Regional Gathering is in Late April or Early May of each year. Longbow
Camp Out
The Summertime Longbow Camp out is the longest running Oregon Mensa Event. Good fun for the whole family so leave your cell phones and laptops behind and slow down for a few days or the whole week.

Annual Gathering (AG)
American Mensa's Annual Convention brings 1,500-2,500 Mensans from around the world together in a large convention hotel. As with Regional Gatherings, there is a Hospitality suite but instead of 10-20 presentations by learned experts there are more like 50-90, plus a big sit down dinner and lots and lots of interesting people.

The American Mensa AG usually happens on or near the July 4th weekend.

American Mensa's AG is only one of the National AG's that happen each year all over the world. Other nations with a major Mensa presence, also host an AG.

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