How To Join Mensa

The top 2% is one person in every 50. Many don't realize that they qualify and haven't considered membership. You're here because you have at least thought about it. That's a pretty good start actually.

Membership Benefits

Joining Mensa gives you membership in:
  • Oregon Mensa - (700 members) or any of over 120 local chapters throughout the USA

  • American Mensa Limited (AML) - 50,000 members.

  • Mensa International Limited (MIL) with chapters in all English speaking countries throughout the world and a great many where English is not a major language. - 100,000 members.
To Join:
    To join Mensa, simply prove to us that you scored at or above the top 2% on any one of the over 200 aptitude tests whose results we recognize and accept.

    Mensa will send you an invitation to join as soon as you send copy of your qualifying test score to our National Office alnog with the a small fee that covers having your test report reviewed a staff psychologist.

    A test from any time in your life will do the job. However the tests do change over the years, so the scores that qualify on a given test may differ depending on the date you took the test.
Proof Comes From:
    A copy of the test score report, from a test you took at some point in your life.

    A private Psychologist.

    A test given by one of our Certified volunteer member-proctors.
Prior Evidence Is...
    "Prior Evidence" is Mensa-speak for test results that come from anyone other than a certified Mensa testing proctor.

    "Prior Evidence" is a certified copy of your test results.

    That test could have been taken in 6th grade or last week. You have probably taken aptitude tests all your life: for school, for the military or for an employer. If you were in a TAG program, you were surely there because of a high test score. Some of these tests will qualify you for Mensa admission, some do not.

    Our Prior Evidence FAQ Page has more information.
Our Local Tests
    Oregon Mensa gives Mensa Admission Tests several times a year, typically on a Saturday. Click the link for more info.

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